Sunday, 31 July 2016


I can't believe how little I've done today. I've basically napped and ate. That's it. This is why I'm doing so badly with reading. I just hunker down in front of Netflix for the day and do nothing with my time. Still, I'm determined to finish this book soon and only have a few more chapters left. I may even finish it tonight but, considering how awful things have been going recently, I have my doubts. However, all is looking good for my being able to share a new Currently Reading book with you all next week. Won't that be fun.

Currently Reading
  • The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso
Same old story. I'm shit. I need to read more. I hate myself.

Recently Purchased
  • Lunar Park  by Bret Easton Ellis 
Lunar Park is Bret Easton Ellis' mock memoirs. We all know Bret Easton Ellis as the writer of American Pyscho and The Rules of Attraction but I've never really read much of his other works. So I've decided to make amends for that. Starting with one of his earliest examples of metafiction. I also bought it because I thought the edition looked good. However, Amazon descriptions have fucked me again and it's a pretty shitty condition. I hate it when that happens. 
  • I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan
This was another book that appeared on one of those 'must read books' list and it sounded too amazing to resist. I, Lucifer is told from the point of view the devil as he takes on the human body formerly belonging to a struggling writer. After making a bet with God, Satan himself decides to try and live a moral life within a human body. Admit it, we all love a bit of Paradise Lost because of the scenes with the Devil. John Milton gives the Devil a voice and creates a great character. I hope Glen Duncan's novel is equally as iconic. 
  • Postcards from No Man's Land by Aidan Chambers
This was one of my favourite books as a teenager. I don't know why I bought it but I loved it. It tells two stories set in Amsterdam and set 50 years apart. The first is a 17 year old, Jacob's, visit during the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. The second is a 19 year old girl in the middle of a German occupied Netherlands. Over the course of the novel the two stories will combine to reveal a connection with Jacob's grandfather. I've never been able to forget this novel so I decided it might be time to revisit it.
  • Submarine by Joe Dunthorne
Last weeks TBT post was all about the amazing Submarine, which is a film I love. I decided that it was time to buy the book and see how the original material stacks up. I'm assuming that giving Oliver Tate's inner thoughts a voice greater than the film's voiceover will only make him a greater character. We'll see though.
  • The Wrong Boy by Willy Russell
I like Willy Russell. I mean I'm not as crazy over him as my old school friend is. She's been obsessed with Blood Brothers for years now and it's kind of weird. Still, that and Educating Rita are two great theatrical experiences so I do appreciate his work. I've never read his only novel so I decided it was time. The Wrong Boy is the story of a teenage boy written out in his letters to the singer Morrissey. Who can resist that? 

Recently Watched
I'm so close to the end of Season 4 and it's been fucking awesome. I love this show and it has only gotten better as it goes on. Crazy Eyes is just a fantastic charater and I have so much love for Red. Plus, Pennsatucky's friendship with Big Boo is just the best thing about the show. Serious friendship goals right there. 
I've managed to watch this a second time and, to be honest, I like it better the second time around. The first time you watch something like this you're always worried about how it stacks up to the original. The second time you're more relaxed and can focus on the film as a whole. Or, in my case, Kate McKinnon. Have I mentioned recently how much I love her?

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