Sunday, 31 January 2016


The reading high continues but this week has been something of an emotional rollercoaster. I was rejected for the job that I mentioned in last Monday's post so I've spent the last few days feeling worthless. It's obviously something I've experienced a fair bit in the years since I've graduated but it's different when you really want something. I'm not going to dwell, however, as I don't want this to become the place where I get out all of my pathetic neuroses and general feelings of despair. Nah, this is a place to talk about books and rant about insignificant things to mask my ever-decreasing feelings of self-worth. I'm sure that's super fucking healthy. Almost as good as buying more books whilst my TBR pile fails to decrease.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

TBT - Galaxy Quest (1999)

So, as we established last week, I'm still in mourning over here. Watching Die Hard reminded me of how good Alan Rickman was so I decided it was best to continue to celebrate his talent for the next few Thursdays. Whilst Die Hard and the Harry Potter films are probably his most loved roles and Robin Hood being another memorable and iconic characters, I'm going to focus on my personal favourites. The films I grew up knowing Alan Rickman from. The films that shaped the way I saw the actor. In his life, Rickman wasn't incredibly happy about being named one of the greatest actors for playing villains. He had a wicked sense of humour and enjoyed playing light-hearted roles as much as the straight ones. This can be seen most obviously in this 90s Star Trek parody.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - The Hateful Eight (2015)

I've had a complicated relationship with Quentin Tarantino. I spent years too afraid to admit that I didn't think Pulp Fiction was the greatest film ever made or that Kill Bill was only okay. It's not the violence that I have a problem with but rather that people sensationalise the films because of the violence. They're so over-the-top and cartoonish that it's kind of refreshing, I guess, but it's not big nor is it clever. The one thing I will give him continued credit for is his excellent use of the English language. That man knows how to create a sentence and knows the best people to cast. In the hands of someone like Christoph Waltz a Tarantino script becomes something spectacular. In fact it's only in the last few years that I've started to relax about Tarantino. Inglorious Basterds is by no means his best but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Django Unchained is probably my favourite to date so I was really looking forward to the film that started out as it's sequel.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday's Are For Moaning - The new job project: or the harsh realities of being a wallflower

I don't know what's happened to me this week but I don't really have anything to moan about. I know you normally can't stop me ranting but I think I'm at one with the world for a change. I've just had a lovely day with a friend of mine so am feeling pretty happy. Until I check my bank balance, of course, but that's just the standard end of the month feeling. I'm even over halfway through a book I only started 3 days ago. 2016 really could be my year. The Rosie Project is a great and lovely read. It's not exactly mind-blowing but the inevitable love story is so fucking adorable you can't help but get involved. Still, I can't help but feel a little bit weird about the portrayal of the narrator, Don Tillman. Don is a genetics professor at a prestigious university and is, though it's unknown to him, on the autism spectrum. Admittedly, I don't know a great deal about austism personally but, as my mother's a teacher, I have a vague knowledge about it. It feels to me as though the representation of Don's condition.

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Oh what a difference a week makes. Having finished my first book of the year half-way through January (and nearly a month after I picked it up) I was feeling a bit cocky about my reading habits. I've since started not one, not two but three different books. It's been a while since I've had the brain power to concentrate on more than one narrative at once but I'm confident that these three are the types I can dip into every now and then without getting too confused. Not like when I put down Crime and Punishment for a few days/weeks and couldn't work out which weird Russian name was referring to which character. I have a mixed background when it comes to multi-reading. At university I was at the top of my game but since then there have been a few too many distractions for me to be able to keep up. As I've decided 2016 is going to be the year I sort my shit out, I'm hoping this will mark the time my ability to switch between novels returns with a vengeance.  

Thursday, 21 January 2016

TBT - Die Hard (1988)

One week ago, whilst the world was only just getting used to the idea that David Bowie had died, it was announced that Alan Rickman had died at the age of 69. I was at work when I read the news and I was, once again, legitimately devastated. Despite what I may have said about his character in Love Actually, I loved Alan Rickman. He was one of Britain's best actors and had such a superb presence whenever he was on screen. The first time I remember him was, really bizarrely, from Truly, Madly, Deeply; a film I'm sure I've never watched again nor do I remember why I would have seen it then. Still, until the release of The Philosopher's Stone in 2001 Alan Rickman was always the cellist from TMD to me. Of course, since his death people have been paying their respects online and mostly referencing his two most well-known performances. The first being his role as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and the second his first ever film appearance. The role that cemented him as one of the greatest villains of all times in the minds of many cinema fans.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - Joy (2015)

I still can't work out what I feel about Jennifer Lawrence. On the one hand, she seems super cool and down-to-earth and I want to be her friend. On the other, she seems really irritating in a "trying to seem to cool and down-to-earth" kind of way. Of course that's probably just down to how cynical and bitchy I am. Lawrence is a formidable talent and has brought great things to even the shittest productions. I'd probably be willing to watch anything if she had a key role and, it just so happens that I just have. If nothing else, Joy has been a gift to film critics. The title gives plenty of potential for witty quips about being or not being filled with joy as the credits roll. Very fucking clever guys. It means reading reviews gets kind of repetitive so I'll try not to fall into the same old trap.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Mondays Are For Moaning: Marvel Fatigue

So, I'm pretty excited about the release of Captain America: Civil War. The Winter Soldier was a much better film than I was expected after the fairly meagre first film. It's also a hugely important story in terms of the character and raises a lot of questions about the future of the Marvel universe as a whole. I'm also excited about Doctor Strange because I genuinely believe Benedict Cumberbatch is the greatest choice to play the character. I mean it's fucking dream casting. The pictures of him in costume are just sensational. Of course, these two are just the tip of the iceberg and Marvel's Stage Three is shaping up to be an unstoppable film spouting machine.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


It is so fucking cold right now that I'm pretty sure my brain has completely frozen. I can't go anywhere without wearing at least three layers and I have to walk through the snow like a bloody 80 year old for fear of slipping. January isn't the time for snow. Christmas week I can cope with but after that is just becomes a pain. Although, I can't it provides the perfect opportunity to sit inside and read. Instead of being outside I've been snuggled up under my faux fur throw, in as many layers of knitwear as I can mange, reading a book with a cup of tea in my hand. I'm so fucking Instagram right now. Oh, that reminds me, follow me on Instagram.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

TBT: Labyrinth (1986)

On Monday the world received some devastating news. It was announced that David Bowie, the legend, had died of cancer. I genuinely felt numb when I found out. Now I try not to get too crazy when it comes to showing grief about the death of a famous person. However, David Bowie was one of those people that actually did have a profound effect on people's lives. He was a true artist who constantly evolved and always feels relevant. There can never be another person like him and he will never be forgotten. His death has prompted me, like everyone else who was similarly aggrieved by the news, to repeatedly listen to his entire music collection. But David Bowie was so much more than a singer. The man was an artist. He made so many great things for mankind to enjoy.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tuesday's Reviews: The Good Dinosaur (2015)

For no reason other than bragging, I'd just like to point out that, thanks to a timely package arrival, I'm typing this wearing my new Boba Fett Varsity Jacket. I've never felt like such a badass before. I'm in love with it. I will never take it off. Anyway, back to the review. I think I missed most of the deal about The Good Dinosaur. I mean I saw enough references around the internet but not enough to actually watch it. Until I had nothing better to do and a review to plan for. To be fair, I couldn't see many problems with it. We all know I love a good animated film and I bloody love dinosaurs. Why wouldn't I like this one? I really want a future employee to ask me the "which dinosaur would you be" in an interview one day. I genuinely think that I'd have the best answer to that question ever. I'd tell you what it is but I wouldn't want to give you a helping hand if we're ever competing for the same position one day. Although, after watching this movie I may have to change it anyway. Who wouldn't want to be a gruff, T-Rex rancher?

Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday's are for moaning: too many books

In my naivety I decided I was going to forgo my newly implemented schedule (yes after only one fucking week) and write a post about all of the books I was excited to be released in 2016. Now I expected this to be a simple list of no more than 10. There are a few big hitters that I'm really excited about and then I was going to pad it out with a few randoms that sounded intriguing. I gave up on the list at about 27 but I could have gone on indefinitely. There are so many amazing sounding books coming this year that I don't know where to stop/begin. I'm never going to get through all of the books I want and it's making me super depressed. Especially when you consider the evidence is suggesting that books are only getting longer. In terms of quality this is the greatest time for a bookworm to be alive but there are major consequences to such a wide array of talent being published.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bonus post - my most anticipated fiction releases of 2016

As you can see from my previous post today, I'm not doing too well at reading at the moment. Unfortunately, there are a shitload of great books coming out this year that I can't wait to read. In order to get through them I know I need to make loads of changes to how I live my life but I'm also very set in my ways. Maybe 2016 is the year I finally get my shit together and, at least pretend, I'm a modern woman who can have it all. The good thing about this blog, as well as giving me a place to rant, is that it shames me into doing things. I've already started buying less books and being more careful about spur of the moment spending. So you guys can hopefully force me to become a better reader. If I set out the books I want to read this year then I'll have to get through at least some of them for fear of being ostracised by the bookish community. I've tried to arrange them in order of most anticipated but we all know I am equally desperate to own them all.


Ten days into the new year and I'm still falling into old habits. I'm very motivated to keep up with my new blogging plan and have even bought a diary to keep my schedule in. I feel so fucking grown-up right now. However, I still find that I read way less than I should. I got through a Literature degree so I know I'm a quick reader who should be able to get through at least one book a week. I shouldn't be struggling this much. However, being a grown-up with responsibilities and a tiring job is too much. I'm so far behind with everything I want to watch and read that it's taking too much energy to start tackling it. Plus, after putting it off forever, I've finally discovered Skyrim and that is taking up a hell of a lot of my spare time. I mean where else can I learn how to pickpocket without risking my steadfast moral code?

Thursday, 7 January 2016

TBT: She's the Man (2006)

I got the idea to review this modern Shakespeare film after I shamefully clicked on an article about actors hooking up on set. Two revelations came from this simple act: Firstly, when I'm bored enough I'll click on any old shit and, secondly, Channing Tatum must be super glad the Amanda Bynes things didn't work out. So this Twelfth Night update has been in my head for a while and, as someone who loves to talk about shitty updated Shakespeare films, I sort of wanted the chance to revisit it. However, it was only once I'd started writing that I realised it might be a bit misjudged when taken alongside my Tuesday review. Talking about real-life trans woman Lili Elbe alongside a film called She's the Man might seem at best stupid and at worst offensive. Still, it's too late to go back so I'll have to hope I'm just being a little too neurotic.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Top 10 Wen-sday - Top Ten Sherlock Episodes

So with the new year comes some new additions to my blogging schedule. You will hopefully already have seen my new Monday and Tuesday topics. However, I'm pleased to announce a new, monthly addition. Yes folks, the first Wednesday of the month I will bestow upon you a Top Ten List of my choosing. I bet you can't hold in your excitement. Now Top 5 Wednesday is already a thing on Goodreads but I think this has a much more appealing sounding name. I'm always on the look out for opportunities to make things sound more palatable. If you work with me and ask for a Caesar salad then you'd better say "can I have a Caeser pleaser" or you'll risk my ignoring you. Of course, if I was only doing this based on the sound of the title then it would be Top Two Tuesday but that would be a fucking waste of everyone's time. So here we are.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Tuesday's Reviews - The Danish Girl (2015)

Ever since the first photo of Eddie Redmayne in his The Danish Girl role I've been jealous of how good he looks. He makes a more convincing woman that I do. Although, I agree with the people questioning how right it was that a cis man was picked to play trans woman Lili Elbe.

Mondays Are For Moaning - Episode 1: The Fan-tom Menace

So before Christmas I finally got around to watching The Force Awakens and, after months of trying not to get myself too worked up about it, I was super fucking excited. My heart nearly burst out of my chest the second the opening titles started. It was all so familiar and fun. I mean I had some problems with it but, as a whole, it was Star Wars done as we all wanted it to be done. However, I decided not to review the film in my traditional way. The problem with picking something like this apart is that you run the risk of ruining it. So what does it matter that there are narrative issues and underdeveloped characters? It didn't ruin my overall enjoyment. The film didn't need to be best ever film: it just needed to be a better Star Wars film than Attack of the Clones. It was. It isn't perfect but, we have to be honest, neither are the originals... even before Lucas edited them again. The deeper you look at something the more problems you find and that's okay. Some films don't need to be flawless to be great. If you came out of the cinema feeling like a kid again then Abrams did his job brilliantly.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


I'm not really one for making New Year's Resolutions. For one thing I have fuck all will power and don't like being reminded of this fact too regularly. Especially if it's about a week into vowing to eat less or exercise more. Nah, I'd much rather suprise myself by slowly realising that I'm a fucking adult and making small changes to how I live my life. One of these changes is how I approach this blog. I've already impressed myself with how well I've kept to my new schedule... if you ignore that month when I fucked off without warning. So I plan to keep pushing myself and make sure I actually read/watch things I can talk about. Otherwise, this will become my online therapy session where I rant endlessly about everything that's going wrong with my life. I'm an adult now, Everything in my life is going wrong. So with that in mind, I will hopefully have something else to write about in my Currently Reading section of my weekly rundown very soon.