Thursday, 6 August 2015

TBT - Once Upon a Time (Season 1)

I've been ill for the past few days. I've known for quite a long time that I'm one of the worst people to be around when I'm ill. Basically, I become a pathetic mess who refuses to suffer in silence and mopes around feeling sorry for herself. For the good of my family and friends I have proceeded to shut myself away and wallow. The only thing I was really good for was a nightly Netflix binge. Wanting something mindless and ridiculous to take my mind off my infected sinuses, it was the ideal time to finally watch Once Upon a Time. I've been intrigued by this show since the first season aired but I've never had the required Disney princess obsession that it built upon. I always preferred the animal stories and would rather have been Simba than Cinderella. The only princess I gave a shit about was Belle and that was only before she fell in love and became an idiot. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Brothers Grimm and stuff like that when I was growing up. However, I grew up. I find it weird for people over the age of thirteen being too into the idea of princesses. It's fucking creepy.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Boo by Neil Smith

The dust jacket of Boo reminds me of the 'Travel Writer' episode of Black Books. You know the one where every quote on the back of Jason Hamilton's new book says he's charming: “Every one of these blurbs says he's charming: 'I was swept away by a wave of charm.' 'I was immolated in a firewall of charm and charisma.' 'I almost exploded from the concentration of charm on the page.'” The one thing everyone seems able to agree upon regarding Neil Smith's first full length novel is that it's charming. Nothing like creating a little bit of pressure for yourself, is there. Still it was a novel that I'd been keen to read for some time: an incredibly charming novel that's reminiscent of The Lovely Bones? Is it any wonder I lost sleep over this thing?